Welcome to Unibera

Unibera has its nomenclature from the prefix of “UNI” which indicates “One”. The theory of “One” reflects with a parabola of ONE UNIVERSE in which everything is accommodated. It also has its own strength to induce expansion to take its association to No.1 position for longer period. And the suffix “BERA” stands for “to beat” i.e. to accept the responsibilities in all kind of challenges with a winning attitude. UNI has a positive history and has substantial growth.



Unibera Developers (P) Ltd.

Corp office : A-11a, Sector - 58, Noida, U.P.

Site office : Plot no. 16 F, Sector-1, Greater Noida (West), U.P.

Telephone No.: 9278-222-333

E-mail : info@unibera.com | sms UNB to 56567


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